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Graduate students' imagination become reality at 2014 Academic Festival

The exhibition of the works of graduate research is an opportunity for graduating students to show off the best of their major skills which they have polished for the last 4 years. And each year, KOREATECH students have shown best class performance.

 This ‘2014 exhibition of the work of graduate research’ was opened on the 15th ~ 16th of October. And five foreign students displayed the fruits of their hard work : Anrbek(Mechanical Engineering), Zakhar Victorovich(Electronic), Aitzhan Yerlan(Electronical), Richard Masha(Mechanical Engineering).


Brain control robot using EEG


Posture Monitoring using Web Cam


An intelligent health monitoring smart phone app


Quadcopter Claw Arm

We interviewed Zakhar, who participated in this exhibition.
 Q> How does it feel to finish the work of graduate research?
 A> It wasn’t easy. But now, I feel very good.

 Q> What is your most memorable moment while working on your idea?
 A> There is quite a lot of memorable moments. In fact, I like studying hardware, so I had shifted my major from Information Communication to Electronic Engineering. But our work is mostly made with C and C++
  It was very difficult to study software. But I studied hard with not only my teammates but also my friends who became like family. We studied for a year, and finally, we made it! There were countless precious and remarkable moments while planning work, having meals, drinking together and just chatting and spending quality time with my teammates.

 Q> Do you have any advice for your foreign juniors here at KOREATECH?
 A> First, you have to study  Korean hard. The work of graduate research, and other projects build relationships between Korean students and professors. If you are in Korea, immerse yourself in the Korean language and culture, and make diverse friends. And study all subjects hard when you are a freshman/sophomore. It will be important when you are preparing graduate research and seeking a job after graduate.
  So, Good luck everybody!
 In KOREATECH, the exhibition was run in the daytime. In the evening, the 2nd semester festival started. Korean rappers, Swings, Vasco and Giriboy performed to celebrate the exhibition. Girlsday, the Korean idol group, melted students’ hearts softly with their songs, and many other shows made KOREATECH students forget the autumn-cold.

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