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The Fun in Getting Lost
Samantha Mae Poblete, Exchange Student from UP-Diliman
  Do you have the courage to go to places you are not really familiar with? Have you ever tried or preferred walking than taking the public or private transportation to go to some distant place? Did something happen unexpectedly that you lost your way towards a destination? Have you ever experienced getting lost? If yes, for sure you felt tired and frustrated. But when you got lost, have you ever tried looking at the brighter side of things? Don’t you know that there’s fun in getting lost?

 No matter how much you prepare for a trip, some unexpected circumstances are still bound to happen. 

 In one of my "fangirling"adventures with two of my fellow exchange students, we decided to go to SM Entertainment, not because we wanted to go on an audition, but we think that it is a must for a fan to visit the starting "homes"of their idols. One of my friends devoted a large part of her time researching on the address of the building, listing the landmarks, and sketching a map. It’s really true that one must not underestimate the capabilities of a fangirl! We thought that it would be easy for us to get to SM Entertainment since we already have a map and the list of landmarks. However, event though we prepared for it beforehand, we still got lost. We walked for hours under the scorching heat of the sun, carrying our luggage and all. Oh, almighty shoulders and feet! We even sought the help of a cashier in a convenience store and policemen in the police station. All for Super Junior and SHINee! I haven’t done anything like that before for my idols!

 Getting lost with friends is a lot more fun.

 In one of my trips together with my fellow exchange students, we went to the Seoul Arts Center to watch a traditional Korean performance. Even if we have prepared a map beforehand, we still got lost and walked miles just to get to the venue of the performance. We shared some stories (even though we actually go together most of the time) and laughed a lot along the way. It was so much fun!

 Also, in one of our travels, we missed the subway’s last trip for the day so we decided to stay overnight in a 24-hour fast food restaurant. We were able to stay awake all night long, talking and laughing non-stop through our stories and experiences. I really love those "heart-to-heart" talks which make friends closer. If you need to stay overnight in one of your travels and if you would like to save money and would not want to spend a coin for a place to rest, I recommend you to stay in a 24-hour restaurant. Some people actually sleep overnight in these restaurants. Just don’t forget to order some food so that it wouldn’t be that rude. It’s a must-try experience! It’s better to go with friends though. Killing time and going on your own would be boring. Play a game with your buddies or have a chat on different topics or plans in the future. Open up and share your unforgettable memories and wild experiences in life!  

 It’s not only leg power you earn from walking and wandering when you get lost and trying to find your way. Towards your destination, you mayalso learn and experience new things from people who you will meet along the way.

 It’s physical exercise, learning, and meeting people which can be possible friends in the future combined! Lose calories and fats from walking miles and miles. You may meet unique and interesting people full of wisdom and experience along your way. You may find that grandfather, with his grandchild and his dog, making a snack you see for the first time. You may enjoy eating delicious street food while having a chat with the men and women selling those foods. You may see a grandmother who needs your help, then suddenly starts a conversation with you, sharing her words of wisdom.You may also meet that one person who will finally make your heart beat at its greatest. Just kidding!

 I’ve also experienced staying overnight in the streets. In our recent trip, due to the very long line to the Ulsanbawi Rock in Seoraksan, we missed the bus back to Cheonan. With the help of a Korean friend, we tried to find other means of transportation available that late at night. Unfortunately, the only form of transportation we can take for us to finally get back to KUT is a cab, which is very costly. So, we just preferred to spend the whole night in a 24-hour restaurant. However, we weren’t able to find a 24-hour restaurant or a convenience store with seats inside around the area so we roamed, trying to find a place to rest. The very cold wind blew with all its might. Thankfully, after almost an hour of wandering, we found a place to rest. We spent the night on benches in an apartment garage then took the first subway trip and the first bus back to Cheonan the next day. We survived! 

 Successfully reaching the destination is the sweetest. Most especially if you’ve earned some unforgettable memories you’ll treasure.

 This shows your ability to survive. It is a test of patience and independence.

 Reward yourselves with a super yummy bean sherbet after miles and miles of walking under the scorching heat of the sun. Treat yourselves with a relaxing whole-body massage after a very tiring climb on a mountain.Or indulge yourselves in mouth-watering hot pot food after surviving the cold wind which tried to knock you down. And don’t forget to compile those photos you’ve taken to preserve your memories from the trip!

 See, getting lost can also be fun! So next time you get lost, don’t be afraid and get frustrated. Look at the brighter side of things and enjoy!

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