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KOREATECH held a master´s course completion ceremony for ‘Global Techno-HRD Program’.


13 students from 9 countries completed the course ‘Global Techno-HRD Program’ on the 25thof June. This course established a  bridge head for the industrial development of developing countries.

On the 25th of June, acompletion Ceremony of KOREATECH-KOICA Global Techno-HRD Program in the Techno-HRD Graduate School was held at Dasan library in KOREATECH.

In this completion ceremony, 13 foreign students consisting of vocational training instructors, administrative and technical civil servants from Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ghana, Iraq, Laos, Mongolia, Nepal, Jamaica and Kenya got Master’s degree.

These students took classes at the Department of Engineering and the HRD track from February 2013 to May 2014 for total of 16 months.

KOREATECH has been operating the Global Techno-HRD Program with KOICA, with the intention of helping developing countries enhance their industrial development and manpower training through education in the Technology and Human Resource Development since 2011.

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