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Starting Korean course of autumnal semester 2014

This 2014 Fall term of the Korean language course started on September 16th. The KOREATECH Korean language course operates not only as an academic study course but also with specialized education curriculum. The course provides the Buddy Program which supports foreign students by finding Korean students to support and help them to adapt to their life in Korea. Additionally, there are many cultural activities which can help understanding about Korean culture.

 17 students are newly registered Korean course in this fall semester. They are XU NING, LIU SHUHAO, JIANG SHUO, ZHANG SHUJIE, XUAN BOYU, CHEN HAO, HU SIYUAN, LI JINTAO, HUO BAOZHU, YU JIAJIA, TIAN YINGYING, SHI WENQI, HUANG JING, LIU JIAHUI, YU YANG, JIANG XUEER, DING JIELI. They are fully engaged in this Korean course with a strong interest in Korea. KOREATECH sincerely hopes 17 students will be enrolled next year as the freshman of undergraduate students.

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1 Jacki [작성일 2016-06-28]
An ingeelitlnt point of view, well expressed! Thanks!
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