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KOREATECH maintains standard of excellence for sixth year

KOREATECH was selected by the Joonang Ilbo Daily News as the best out of primarily education focused universities in 2014. Through this recognition, KOREATECH could take first place in this category for its sixth year in a row since the beginning of the campus evaluations conducted by Joongang Daily.

Joongang Daily News has assessed campuses all over the country under various evaluating qualifications in order to provide people with objective and organized information, since 1994. And they have been known to choose campuses that emphasize education more importantly than research, since 2009.

 They select the best campus based on evaluations considering the educational environment and conditions for each school's students. The categories and criteria include; condition (score out of 35), curriculum & education (score out of 35) and reputation (score out of 20). In total, 42 campus were assessed in their evaluation.

As previously reported in last month's newsletter, KOREATECH boasts the highest employment rate recorded at 85.9 percent. In addition to that feat, KOREATECH also took first place in overall educational expenses relative to tuition fees, at 559.2 percent; KOREATECH uses their expenses five times as much more than tuition for education.

Joongang Daily presented additional results for its analyses of campuses which meet similar specific conditions; such as age and student population. KOREATECH ranked third out of campuses established within the past 50 years, fifth out of campuses under ten thousand students and eighteenth out of campuses based on reputation. Finally, under the comprehensive evaluation criteria, KOREATECH ranked twenty-fourth.

Based on the Joongang Ilbo Daily News's evaluation, KOREATECH has been proven to continually keep a high standard of excellence in creating a practical educational environment for its students.

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