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Gadget-XENA impresses judges and receives grand prize at Korea Intelligence Robot Contest

The KOREATECH Robot Club, Gadget-XENA, was awarded the grand prize in the 16thKoreaIntelligenceRobotContest.83nationalteamswentthroughafiercequalifyingheat.20teamsintheintelligentrobotdivisionand11teamsintheperformancedivisionadvancedtothefinals.

The recipient of the grand prize was the “Eris Robot” designed and built by team Gadget-XENA. They beat team Already Been a Year, who won the grand prize last year. Already Been a Year’s robot utilized object-tracking robotic arms. The arm has 7 joints so that it can implement an action similar to that of a human. And it uses Kinect for calculating objects’ coordinates. Meanwhile team H`O`P won the grand prize in the performance division. H`O`P’ exhibited a drum playing robot to dynamic dance music and the dance robot made a wonderful stage performance.

The Eris Robot by Gadget-Xena, however, is an exploration robot which applies variable wheels in order to overcome various topographies. If it encounters a difficult obstacle such as rugged ground or stairs, its wheels change form allowing it to safely traverse the environment. While equipped with a camera and sensor, it can find targets and gather information of its surrounding environment. Its ultrasonic sensor makes it possible to identify obstacles even in its blind spots. In addition, it is designed to interact with its target through 4 arms, which have 4 joints each. These arms allow the user can control it easily and intuitively.

Because the Eris Robot has such a stable system which will be useful to be used as a life-saving robot in the event of a disaster, the judges gave this robot a highly favorable review. They set a high value for the unique wheels and suspension, because its form changing wheels are just engaged for mechanical designed, not by computer control. Most of all, they gave a good review for its creative aspects of the Eris Robot that the existing robots did not have.

Kwon Hyeon Min, the team’s leader, expressed his strong feeling of his team’s accomplishment in his acceptance speech, “Because we failed in last contest’s document examination, we were so discouraged and underwent crisis with the team. But we comforted each other and prepared hard for the contest. We were so proud of getting the grand prize.”

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