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A Late Halloween Celebration in KOREATECH

As KOREATECH puts much effort to embracing cultural differences, Global Education Center also called GEC held a Halloween party on 6th of November, 6pm in the GEC building. It was not too late to refresh the students after their mid term exams.

With the help of whole GEC staff, the lobby in GEC building was decorated with some ornaments such as creepy spiderwebs, spooky bats and scary skeletons. They also prepared their own costumes, snacks and candies. This party invited approximately 80 people including Korean and foreign students, staff, and two student ambassadors.

The party started with introducing about the origin of Halloween day. Generally, in Asian countries specifically Korea, people think that Halloween is just about parties with ghost costumes and trick or treat. But, in fact, it originated from a ritual or a festival celebrated by Celtic people to chase away evil spirits on the 31st of October.

An ice breaker was followed which was a game of fighting for onion rings while only using mouth, without using of hands. They did a face painting competition afterwards. Three students won the prize as Two Jokers and The Titan from The Attack on Titan.

 The next activity was breaking piñatas, originating from Spain, a barrel made out of paper-mâché, pottery, or cloth filled with small toys or candy, or both, and then broken as part of a ceremony or celebration. They had four Piñatas of different sizes and they separated into groups taking turns hitting the Piñata while blindfolded. Watching each other humorously struggle to finally break the Piñatas, then they moved on to the pumpkin carving competition. Two pumpkins won the prizes : “vampire” and “Pumpkinception”.

Those who participated for GEC’s Halloween party were happy to receive free tickets to IH’s Halloween party where they could enjoy dancing with music, free snacks and drinks. Erica, who was a foreign attendee said “It was my first time experiencing Halloween party because even though Philippines is familiar with Halloween activities we don’t actually celebrate it but through this event I was able to be more familiarized and be more informed about Halloween.” 

Indeed, all students, whether they were Korean students who were not at all familiar with celebrating Halloween or foreign students who celebrate it annually,  appreciated KOREATECH’s version of Halloween party. Many students anticipated this event and the GEC was able to hold another successful celebration.

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