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˝Why Korea? Why MOT? Why KUT?˝
Dorothy Elaine Mangubat(기술경영클러스터 재학중, 필리핀 대학원생)


I am Dorothy Elaine Santos Mangubat, a Management of Technology graduate student in Korea University of Technology and Education, from the Philippines. I came to Korea in 2008 through the scholarship offered by the Korean Government in the Philippines.
I am interested in the studies regarding Information Communications Technology and Technology Management so I found it a great opportunity when a scholarship here in South Korea was offered since South Korea is known as one of the leading country when it comes to technology.

I spent my first year studying Korean Language in a Kyung Hee University in Seoul. After my language training, I came to KUT to pursue my Masters Degree in MOT.
Here in Korea, I planned to pursue a Masters Degree in Engineering Management in a good university and I found the Graduate School of Industrial Management, Management of Technology and Innovation (MOT) Cluster in Korea University of Technology and Education suit my desired major.

was highly aware about the reputation of Korea University of Technology and Education especially when it comes to Technology and Engineering. I believe d that Korea University of Technology and Education was able to produce many notable alumni who are now chairmen, vice chairmen and CEOs of Korea’s most leading companies. With that, I arrived at the decision of applying here and choosing this institution as one of my hubs of development because I believe d that this university would greatly help me in shaping my current academic and professional goals.

I learned about KUT in a university fair for foreign students in Busan. I have a Bachelors degree in Electronics and Communications Enginering so KUT, being an Engineering School attracted me.
I am interested in developing my skills in technology management and technology leadership as well as further my knowledge on how to manage technological fundamentals in an organization.

That’s basically the reason why
I am pursuing a Masters degree in MOT, that is, to develop my skills when it comes to managing technical people and to better understand the role and value of technology in a certain organization. I believe that every engineer eventually ends up in management positions that’s why having a degree in this field will greatly help me once I enter the working industry. I intend to successfully lead a team of technical professionals and that was what motivated me to join MOT in KUT.

With all my expectations about the MOT department, KUT did not disappoint me as they really offer incomparable service to their students. I expected to have all my classes in Korean but to my surprise they have English classes. KUT is really exerting a lot of effort to globalize its standards.

  After finishing my Masters Degree, I plan to work here in Korea first and apply the knowledge I gained here before coming back to my home country. I would like to work in a Telecommunications Company like SK Telecom and KT. I am also considering pursuing my Phd whenever opportunity comes.

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