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Gerlene I. Reyes(인터넷미디어공학부 재학중. 필리핀 교환학생)


Everything started in my second year in the University of the Philippines(UP), at the College of Mass Communication, in its Department of Broadcast Communication.

 During one of my first production classes in there, a sudden urge from within me to explore the world awakened my soul. On my third year in the university, I applied to the exchange program offered by our university.

 Several times I was asked about the reason behind my application, and several times I have answered that all I wanted is to learn more.

 I wish to discover what my eyes cannot see at that moment--- the road towards the future of my career, the various opportunities that I can grab, the world beyond my own little world, and myself outside of my comfort zone.

 My journey began in March 14, when I together with five other UP students arrived in K.U.T.

 Few days have passed and I became a member of the K.U.T. Culture Broadcasting System (KCBS) and few more days after that, I started to become the Monday evening-radio announcer of the university.

 I am grateful of such opportunity to practice my radio broadcasting skill, but most importantly I am happy to be part of the KCBS family. It was during the Membership Training (MT), that I felt so welcomed by the KCBS members. I have witnessed the hospitality of Koreans, and the fun and enjoyable drinking culture of Korea. And it was at the times of work, that I have seen their love for what they are doing.

 Few more months and I have given another opportunity. This time, it was in the International House (IH) dormitory where I stay and work as a Resident Assistant (RA).

 I have been the director and editor of the English Activity Programs (E.A.P.) commercials. With the help of the other UP students, the commercials have been really great according to our managers. With this success, I was then able to produce some more videos for the dormitory.

 Even though producing videos takes a lot of my time, still I am thankful because it then gives me a venue to practice what I have learned in my TV production classes in UP---to be innovative, to be creative, and most of all, to be a team player.

 My work in KCBS and IH made me reminisce my Radio and TV production classes back in UP, and made me realize one thing that I really love, which is the broadcasting world with all its twists and turns during productions. And, through these experiences in KUT, I finally discover what my heart, mind, and skill is all after---and that is to be a producer and/or director.

 My life in KUT is not all about serious matters, it ofcourse has a light side too. And, I can say I most feel it in my home, the IH.

 Being in IH with all the different countries working together for the beauty of IH’s environment, I was able to meet and be friends with the people from various countries. But more than that, I had given the chance and the responsibility to represent the country that I love, the Philippines.

 This simple yet important part of being an RA in IH made me more aware of myself---of how ready I am to face the world outside my own country. Through my encounter with the different nationalities, I have learned many essential things about the world, and about life itself. And above that, I have known myself better, what it has, what is lacks, and what is unique of.

 For me, this kind of learnings are very fun and valuable, for I know that it will be of great help in my future.

 I may have just been in K.U.T for about six months, but I think I am already about to accomplish all of my goals for my career and for my self-development. However, the remaining months are more important for me, for they make my steps closer to the journey I really ought to take---the future.

 In the remaining months of my exchange program, I want to learn more, and to deposit more to my own bank called experience. When I go back to my country I want to tell those people who have asked me before about my application, the beauty of this experience and encourage them to seek also for the world out there, to learn more and feel more.

 But, as for me, my passion to learn more doesn’t stop here. It shall always continue and it shall always prevail within me no matter what, or wherever world I am in.

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WOW Gerlene!*_*
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