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Opening letter for KOREATECH Global News

Over a little more than 20 years, KOREATECH has put all its energy to bloom the golden tree of technology education. It, in fact, shines itself as the splendid youth catching up with and eventually outperforming competitors in the country. It is now facing even a greater move to become an active member of global academia. The KOREATECH English Newsletter is just timely and meaningful in this disregard. On the one hand, it will surely help foreign students at KOREATECH to get used to living in and out of the campus. It will also be a useful guide for those who want to come to KOREATECH for various academic reasons on the other. Since it is expected to be built mostly by student reporters, the information offered from their viewpoint is believed to be of great help for the prime target readers.

As director of the Global Education Center (GEC), whose major role is contributing to KOREATECH by constructing a high-end global culture and language education, I am very proud the GEC staff and students are significant part in taking another brisk step to this end. As we have done thus far, we can, I believe, make it happen even better through our passionate and accorded efforts made by the GEC staff and students for this turn. So I sincerely want to express my sincere gratitude to them. I hope the Newsletter will be a growing success and look forward to drawing constructive suggestions or kind feedback from you.

Yunsang Jang Ph.D.

Director of Global Education Center
Professor of Department of Liberal Arts

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