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KOREATECH recorded an employment rate of 81.8%,
making it the highest-ranked university among all Korean universities.

KOREATECH recorded an employment rate of 81.8% in 2013 in a recent survey conducted by the Ministry of Education. It is the highest-ranked university among all the universities throughout the nation.

KOREATECH has been among the highest-ranked universities when it comes to employment rate for four-straight years. The university was placed first in 2010 with an employment rate of 81.1%, second in 2011 with 79.4%, first in 2012 with 82.9%, and first again in 2013 with 81.8%

If you look into KOREATECH’s employment rate by department, Mechatronics and Computer Science marked the highest figure of 88.9%, followed by Mechanical Engineering with 86.3%, Electrical, Electronics & Communication 84%, Energy, Materials, & Chemistry Engineering 82.4%, Architecture 75.9%, Design Engineering 72%, and Industrial Management 65.3%.

The quality of employment is also notable. 46% of KOREATECH’s graduates are employed in major companies, such as Samsung, LG, and Hyundai. 14% of graduates go to public institutions, and 40% of graduates are employed to other companies.

KOREATECH’s unique engineering education model is considered as a driving force for its highly competitive employment rate. KOREATECH is focused on the improvement of practical working capability which is highly required in the industry and business by setting importance on practical experiments. More than 80 laboratories equipped with cutting edge equipment are open around the clock so students can access the facilities whenever they want.

KOREATECH only hires professors who have more than 3 years of experience in their field. Moreover, professors are dispatched to the field to experience the continuing changes in the industry so that they can teach more efficiently.

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