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The Ministry of Education announced the results of Industry-Perspective University Evaluat

From the ‘Industry-Perspective University Evaluation 2013’ done by The Ministry of Education, and Korea Council for University Education, KOREATECH was ranked as the best university in the field of electronic semiconductor, Information and Communications, and Computer science.

This achievement is due to the university’s strong links with the industry, which enhances its characteristics. The university runs a 10month long-term internship (IPP) during the semester. The university also employs the help of different consultants from various businesses so that it makes the curriculum more fit to the industry.

‘Industry-Perspective University Evaluation’ has been conducted since 2008 as a part of the Ministry of Education’s evaluation programs. 36 executives from 32 major & medium sized enterprises such as Samsung, GS, and LG participated as evaluation staff, and the survey was conducted among 2163 companies. Evaluation staff evaluated correlation between the university’s curriculum and the demands of the industrial world, and recommended essential subjects and job competence that students must learn.

“Universities can refer to this evaluation reports to improve their institution to fulfill the demands of the industry. We believe that this evaluation will help universities to produce qualified graduates.” stated the Ministry of Education, regarding this evaluation.

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