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KOREATECH held a meeting with its student’s parents.


On the  14th of May, KOREATECH held the first meeting with its students’ parents in Dasan Hall.  The university invited 260 parents and gave them information on the major achievements of the university, Vision 2020, the university’s scholarship systems, as well as different and detailed employment and career strategies for students.

The meeting included a question and answer session so that the parents would be able to ask questions on various topics.

Lee Ki-Kweon, the president of KOREATECH, said, ‘The achievements of KOREATECH such as the highest employment rate among Korean universities as announced by the Ministry of Education and KOREATECH being voted as the best education-based university by Joong-ang daily news for 5 consecutive years are based on parents’ effort to raise their children excellently.’

He also added that ‘This meeting is a way to better the communication between the parents and the university.’

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