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My study at KOREATECH was a life changing experience.  Every day was a new adventure that was completely different from my life in Nigeria.  When I was about concluding my study (towards the last semester),  people often ask me what my favorite memory in Koreatech was, but that is so hard to answer because there are so many!

However, attending classes in very comfortable lecture rooms; meeting and making friends with different people, culture and religious background, from various parts of the world; eating a meal that has various side dishes that are served free, and I can always request for more without incurring additional cost; being tutored by the most friendly and caring Professors that made learning fun for us; meeting very shy but nice Korean students; experiencing world-class teaching and recreational facilities, meeting people that are always willing to offer me assistance without my asking; and the opportunity to visit various industrial and cultural places, to mention but  few were some of my awesome experience.

Participation in lectures and classes was never tiresome, because the material was interesting and Professors encouraged active input. It seldom happened that you did not need to participate in the discussion about relevant topics, and my co-students were eager to find out more about the subjects. Our professors were experts in their field and and they were incredibly helpful and made the process less stressful and overwhelming.

The environment was completely different from anything I had ever experienced, which is why I loved it so much.  Nigeria is a developing country, and because of this I was able to learn so much and get more out of my study in KOREATECH by being immersed in such a unique culture and environment.   My recommendation for people studying abroad is to go to a country that is completely different from any culture you have experienced before and to stay as long as you can.  Studying in KOREATECH gave me a new outlook and perception on life and other cultures around me. I hope everyone gets the opportunity to experience a unique education outside the shores of their respective countries.

Thank you.

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2 Randi [작성일 2016-06-28]
Free knowledge like this doesnt just help, it promote deomarccy. Thank you.
1 Karsen [작성일 2016-05-17]
For decades my parents abused their bodies and us….now they need our help….I moved away because I didn’t want my children to see the alcoholism, partying, and abusiveness that these 2 individuals who are my parents could heap upon my siblings and my722f&#8e30;.it&#8l1s;s difficult for me to go back: it brings back horrible memories…yet I want to be the good son! I am at a crossroad.
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