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Sharing KOREATECH’s experience through TTI (Technology Transfer institute)

KOREATECH was established in 1991 by the government with the special mission of providing vocational training for teachers. KOREATECH set up the Technology Transfer institute (TTI) in 2005 to transfer vocational training know-how to the developing countries. TTI conducts Official Development Assistance (ODA) projects especially in the field of vocational training.

TTI is working with the various types of businesses in education, training, Project Management Consulting which includes: equipment support, dispatch of experts, invitation of trainees and material development and the information technology field with 9 international business targets including Rwanda, Cameroon and Cambodia. These days, they operate with the Project for Modernization and Strengthening of Training Institute for Chemical Industries for Bangladesh, for services of KOICA business.

With the economic development of Korea, there will be a lot of Official Development Assistance increasing in the future. KOREATECH will play a leading role in the area of ODA vocational training.

For more information, visit: http://tti.koreatech.ac.kr/

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