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KOREATECH Interview: I head face new life and challenge at KOREATECH

Nice to meet you!  KOREATECH family!

My name is Sepi and I am from Hungary. I am a newly enrolled student in the undergraduate program from the second semester of 2014. First of all, I'd like to express my gratitude for the interview and I do hope it is going to help future students with trying to become a part of KOREATECH in the future.

Having found the university of KOREATECH, being admitted as a foreign student was possibly the most difficult part. Look no further, KOREATECH is a great university with amazing people. This university has already given my life a large scale positive spin, I have found new friends, and dedicated, expert teachers alongside with a great dormitory, beautiful gardens and well-maintained buildings. I think KOREATECH puts a lot of effort into finding good people. Then I entered KOREATECH which is a good training oriented engineering education and personally I admit that I picked ICT because it is the closest to what I had been studying back at my highschool. This means self introduction and the interview will be a big factor in wheter you get accepted or not.

Now as most of the applicants may know already, there are a lot of expected documents that will be needed to be submitted with the application. When I looked at them first, it's needless to say, they were scary. Most of those documents were unheard of by me. If you feel similarly, then don't worry. Look for information, ask your English speaking teachers or contact the international office at KOREATECH. The managers will be more than happy to give you the much needed help. Personally I have also recieved a lot of assitance from a Korean friend of mine. Don't hesitate to contact Korean strangers through the web, if you haven't already. It's only difficult at the first glance!

The transportation system is just astonishingly well-developed, at least compared to the couple of western countries I have ever been (Hungary, Austria). You can use your smart phones to limitless extents. There is almost no necessary information that cannot be found by surfing the Korean website naver.com for example. Just like booking a plane ticket and choosing your seats in advance, you can similarly prepare for everything you do in Korea. This is not the case in other western countries or at least not as much as in Korea.

Korean food can be very spicy in the beginning, but within a couple of months you can get used to it well enough. There are a couple of restaurants around the campus too that offer other kinds of foods at reasonable prices, so don’t worry about that!

KOREATECH teaches you how to live in this system unlike other Korean universities. Furthermore, at KOREATECH you will learn about Korean culture which will be absolutely necessary in finding a job and living in Korea later on. Their culture is still a lot closer to what they've had in their past compared to what most other countries have right now, which in my opinion can't be considered as true culture. We live in a globalized world, where nearly everything is the same. Not so much in Korea, this is a good thing!

In the future I expect to make even closer friends, study hard, get a part time job and hang out during the weekends.

You will be surprised to see the fact that you simply can't get disappointed in the people you will meet here. Regardless of which part of the world they are coming from, they will always try to support you and involve you in their circle of friends or even family as some would say. Personally I only had a few, close friends but here no matter where I look, where I am I can just bump into people who can becomes as good as my best friends from back in Hungary.

Whoever you are when you come here, you will see and feel yourself always improving, growing and learning things that you’ll carry on for a long-long time!

You’ll find a lot of ways to hang out with your future friends here; however you’ll need to take a bus downtown for that most of the time! I am more into a sort of softer type of hangout therefore the places like bars, restaurants or for example karaoke rooms and table-tennis rooms around or inside the university suit me very well too.

After graduating I plan to get a job and support my family back in Hungary, hopefully find a wife and grow as a person inside, and settle down in the country. I have heard plenty of KOREATECH students who tried to gain work experience during their education period, were able to with the help of the university. I'll definitely attempt to do so. Having no experience is possibly the hardest thing to overcome in finding your first suitable job.

In case you have any questions about this interview, feel free to contact me on Facebook.

Once again, thank you for the interview and I wish you a pleasant day!

Széplaki István (Sepi)

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