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KOREATECH Korean Language Course Completion Ceremony

The KOREATECH Korean Language Course operates not only as an academic study course but also as a specialized education curriculum. It also provides the Buddy Program which operates to support foreign students and helps them adapt to their life in Korea. There are cultural activities included in the course which can help improve understanding about Korean culture.

This 2014 Fall term of Korean language course started in September. This course included 40 foreign students in attendance in different classes levels separated by level. It was concluded with a completion ceremony and student performance on  November 26th.

 The ceremony began with an introduction by the director fo the GEC followed by a scholarship award presentation to students who achieved superior grades, certificate distribution, and finally a student performance. There were 33 teams or solo who joined in this performance, and the results of the performance.

The team which was voted for best performance was a class level four team, which sang the K-pop song, "Balloon" by TVXQ. Joshua, a student in the level three class, danced to "Break and Poppin'" and received the honor award for second place. Finally the third place was tied between two level one grade teams who performed the songs, "Arirang" and "A Magic Castle", and a theatrical performance of "The Honest Woodsman".


Performance contents

Level one - first grade, team

Ensemble a song by Deungnyeogun

Level one - first grade, team

Theatre A couple breaks up, because a man betray a girlfriend.

Level one - second grade, solo

Dance Music by chinese famous singer

Level one - second grade, team

Ensemble Korean children’s song ‘Three bears

Level two, team

Ensemble ‘Arirang’, Korean national song, and ‘A magic castle’.

Level two , team

Demonstration - Karate

Level two , team

Performance Chinese song and playing guitar

A level three, team

Theatre The Honest Woodman

Level three, solo

Dance break and poppin dance by Joshua

level four grade, solo

Presentation My most valuable you (a family, friends and a lover) by Haedong Cheon

Level four, solo

Poetry reading Seong-ak Kang read ‘My lover’ writed by poet Ho-seung Jeong.

Level four, team

Ensemble ‘Balloon’ song by TVXQ.

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