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The 2nd KOREATECH English PT Contest

The English Presentation(PT)  was hosted by the Global Education Center(GEC) and the Leaders in Industry-university Cooperation(LINC) this month to improve students’ English speaking abilities through presentation. This was the second English PT competition to be held in Dasan hall, on 19 November.

Any KoreaTech students are able to participate in this competition solo or in pairs. Foreign students wishing to compete had to team-up with other Korean students. And each team had the option to choose the one of three subjects suggested by GEC; ‘my own competitiveness’, ‘Some cultural aspect that one wants to boast about Korea’ or ‘Some special cultural aspect that one wants to share from another country with Korea’.

8 teams, which had advanced from the original 16 teams who competed in the preliminary round held on 13 November, gave neat and passionate presentations lasting about 7 minutes each. The panel of judges listened and watched attentively and graded their skills. Their assessment was based on the command of language(30%), content transfer capability(30%), organization capacity of the presentation(20%) and response of audience(20%).

Jeong-hoon Choi, who presented ‘Our unique culture, a spirit called diligence’, was selected as the best presenter and was awarded the grand prize. The honor award for second place was received by Yong-hyun Kwon, who described himself as the ‘Passionate One’. And third place went to Dong-sik Ahn, who presented ‘Major League Baseball in America’.

The Presidential award certificate was given with special prizes: including a Tablet PC for the grand winner, Digital Camera for second place and an external 1 terabyte hard drive for third place.  Additionally, there was a special award of a headphone which was decided by student judges and received by Jeong-Suk Yoo, who presented on “Hangul”. All participants were given portable phone charger batteries.

*We interviewed Jeong-hoon Choi, who was awarded a grand prize.

Q>The subject topic you chose is ‘Our unique culture, a spirit called diligence’. Why?

A> Since I was a kid, I have been really interested in history, especially Korean history. And among them, I was so curious about Korea's significant development.
So I studied this area a lot, and I wanted to present my thoughts about this to Koreatech students.

Q> What’s the most difficult thing about making this presentation?

A> Because the topic of Korean Culture was a quite broad, I had to think from the judge's perspective. So, I asked myself, “What is the one thing about Korea that I am really proud of?”
And To be honest, I had changed topics three times because I am not good with PPT skills. I had to spend lots of time working with PowerPoint.

Q> How do you feel about receiving the award?

A> First of all, I feel thankful to the GEC and LINC for giving me a chance to give my presentation. This was a great stage where I could test my English presenting ability in front of splendid professors and student judges. Even if there many people who all had great English ability, without adequate opportunities to test and challenge ourselves, those abilities alone are useless.
I hope there will be more chances for KOREATECH students to compete to our fullest and most splendid capacities in the near future.
Thank you once again for hosting this presentation contest for us.

Team name



Presentation Title

Passionate One

Yong-hyun Kwon


Passionate One



Se-myung Oh




Heijun Ho,

Sujin Jang


Winners of communication


Jeong-hoon Choi


Our unique culture, a spirit called diligence


Byung-chan Kim



True Baseball Nerd

Dong-sik Ahn


Major Legue Baseball

Roy mustang

Jeong-suk Ryu


The soul of Korea


Jiyong Ahn,

Ho-young Yang


Korean culture which I wanna boast to abroad

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