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Team ICU Wins Cisco Korea Codefest

The ‘Cisco IoE (Internet of Everything) Codefest, hosted by Cisco Korea, The Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, was held in Songdo, Incheon on the 5th and 6th of November. Team ICU from KoreaTECH won an award of excellence in this programming competition based on the Cisco platform. The team members included: professors of Electrical, Electronics and Communications - Soon-wook Sul and Lenskiy Artem; student of Communications - Hyun-gyu Kim; and Maxim Maximov, a student of KAIST.

Cisco is a worldwide IT Network service based company. Cisco Korea, which is a subsidiary company of Cisco, provides their customers with solutions and services concerning Network systems, cooperation, and works about voice and video, IT security, Data sensors and mobile and wireless networks.

There were 33 domestic and foreign teams consisting of 103 programmers who joined in this competition. Each team made creative internet solutions for 28 hours straight in the same location using a “hackathon” format; also known as a "hack day", "hackfest" or "codefest", which is an event where computer programmers and others involved in software development collaborate intensively on software projects over a long, but limited, period of time.

Team ICU is also making great advances of their own design. Recently, “The solution of interesting area image extraction” is a product of team ICU. It is the technique for the purpose of better focusing on specific areas or important objects in video imaging, for example, a person’s face and eyes or a vehicle’s license plate. It functions by allowing users to selectively grant object priority to when they transmit and receive images online.

For example, people have experienced seeing cut-off the television images due to busy traffic of network during peek viewing rush hour. This problem can irritate some people when they miss an important moment of baseball like a home-run. But the solution suggested by ICU solves this problem by allowing users to control focus on players’ movements or score boards.

This solution will be supported to development and commercialization through the incubation program, "Global Center of Excellence" managed by Cisco systems, which is located in Song-do, Incheon.

Hyun-gyu Kim, a member of ICU, said “In fact, this solution had no interest in the exhibition of the works of graduate research. But, my teammates gave me the courage and opportunity to face the challenge. I express my unbound gratitude to my teammates and to Cisco. I also encourage KOREATECH students to accept more challenges and faithful opportunities while at KOREATECH.”

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